Cosetta offers women-only yoga and shamanic retreats at the Yoga lodge on Whidbey Island two or three times each year. 


"Cosetta creates an environment that allows me the freedom and the safety to access aspects of my being that are typically kept hidden from others as well as from myself. There is something magical about the space, rituals, practices and teaching she offers, that enable me a continuum growth into my authentic Self. Cosetta teaches from the heart where authenticity is encouraged and practiced." -Wilma Shaw 

"Cosetta’s retreats are one of a kind, truly mind blowing! It is amazing to me how she designs these retreats in every detail and then executed with such skill, grace, and, impressive. Having joined for 2 retreats, I was able to experience transformational growth each time. Whether you are joining alone, or with others you already know, it doesn’t matter….the social dynamic is warm, welcoming, and simply amazing. I have never seen an ability to create trust so quickly in a group of people that led to such deep connection...and fun. Cosetta is a wise and thoughtful leader and the retreats are a mixture of spiritualism (shamanism for sure, but every practice is welcome), joy and connection (think late night dance party and lots of girlfriends!), rest and restoration (early silence and amazing yoga), and a culinary adventure (Ayurveda food to nourish). The retreats are perfectly structured to balance rest, learning, growth, creativity, emotional connection…and so much more!" -Brenda Kuster

"What I loved so much about this retreat was how different it was than the first one. My heart was overflowing with gratitude even before arriving on the land, knowing that I had made the commitment for time and that Cosetta would be holding space to invest in myself in this way. It was a big carrot for me getting through a busy few months. What struck me deeply during this retreat was the responsibility and desire I have to myself and to those around me to lean into my own goddess-ness. Recognizing the awakening of each sister goddess around me, I left asking myself how I need to live differently to continue to foster this in myself and in others. And of course, the laughter, the tears, the connection, healing and oh my goodness, the food. I left feeling refreshed and fulfilled. When I got my home, my husband said how calm I was. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in these new ways. THANK YOU COSETTA!" -Colleen Coleman

"I feel so very blessed to have been a part of Cosetta's Divination Retreat with Yoga, Shamanism and Art. The retreat nourished and invigorated my entire being. There was so much for my heart, my mind, and my body to process. Cosetta created a beautiful and powerful sense of sisterhood, like nothing I have ever experienced. She is powerful and radiant and intuitive and honest. It was amazing to experience her authentic desire to share her gifts and nourish her sisters. The seeds that have been planted in my heart continue to grow." -Traci Closson


"The Full Moon Women’s Retreat with Cosetta was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. I felt truly comfortable to be myself and be in an honest, loving, safe space where I could begin to heal from old wounds and stories I have carried with me almost my whole life. I came away with not only an understanding of what I need to heal within myself but also the tools with which to continue this healing process. Cosetta is magic and the wealth of her knowledge is only surpassed by the size of her heart. I cannot recommend Cosetta's retreats or anything she teaches enough."  —Adina S.

"My experience at Cosetta's Full Moon Women’s Retreat is beyond words. It was a nourishing, expanding, empowering, connecting, refreshing and powerful weekend from which I now have dear sisters and practices to integrate in my daily life. These teachings are both simple and very effective. Cosetta's heart knows how to tune in; her intuitions and ability to flow allow her to approach every moment with humbleness, authenticity, fun, diligence and reverence. She creates a truly meaningful and magical setting for growth and evolution." —Michelle L.


"My weekend with Cosetta Romani on beautiful Whidbey Island for the 2017 Spring Renewal retreat was a profound and transformational experience. Waking up to the chorus of birds in the lush forest at the Yoga Lodge, the delicious and energizing foods created for us by Aria—an incredible Ayurvedic chef—and the caliber of women Cosetta draws into her work, set the tone for a deeply inspirational time together.

Cosetta’s presence as a teacher and healer is organic and beautifully intuitive. She is supportive and loving while reflecting raw and sometimes challenging work that needs to be illuminated. In the time I have spent in mentorship with her, Cosetta always shares exactly what I need in the precise moment it will be most impactful. Her work is accessible and relatable and I find myself integrating for weeks after our sessions.

The experience of spending several days in the nest she creates for her powerful retreats really allowed me to dive deeply and bring forth my work for transformation. I am so grateful for the gifts and wisdom Cosetta shares. Her insights and the weekend activities have become a part of my daily awareness and practice. I would highly recommend her offerings to anyone ready to connect more fully with their inner selves and live a bigger and brighter life!" ~Guinevere Ilana

"Each time I answer the call to go to a retreat with Cosetta I am reminded why I keep going. Cosetta holds a powerful healing space for joy, authenticity, love and deep transformation." ~ Meg H. 

"I love how Cosetta leads each retreat via her helping spirits, as it becomes even a more intensely personalized retreat. That was exactly what myself and the other women that were there needed this weekend. If it was a different weekend or a different group of women, I have no doubts that there would have been major differences in our activities. We were able to touch on so many different things but also to go deep with them, with ourselves, and with each other. The food was amazing—felt so healthy and light. It's yoga but so much more as well. The most inspired yoga I've ever done. Aligned mind, spirit, heart, and body. The sonic ceremony of light was the most powerful ceremony I've ever witnessed and been a part of. I'm super grateful. I got vulnerable—and was held in a safe sacred space. And in turn each of us were vulnerable with each other and so we were able to move deeper and deeper. It was absolutely wonderful. I can't describe it really—you have to feel it for yourself. You have to see us on the last day. We need a before and after picture just so you can see the different light and lightness in our faces and bodies. Thank goodness for Cosetta and her sacred journeys. It was a renewal. What a wonderful group of women." ~Caitlin J.



In March she collaborated with musician Katie Greenland Trestad to focus her participants attention on the throat chakra and the liberation of songs and chants.

In June the retreat honored the New Moon and explored rituals for manifesting positive change.

In September, near the Autumnal Equinox, Cosetta returned to the beloved In Retreat with the Trees.



“The immersion into the trees and like-minded community awakened me to my potential of clarity, self-love and a guilt-free life. I felt a deep sense of ground in The Yoga Lodge and the community that Cosetta so wonderfully facilitated.”  ~ Abi Haggerty

“I want to express my utmost gratitude to Cosetta and the wonderful sisters of Spring Equinox Tribe. Connection to the Universe under Cosetta’s guidance was a pivotal experience.” ~ Verka Davidov

“We came together in the pursuit of natural truth, reveled in the power of present and rebooted so inspiration and light emanates.”  ~ Stacy Smedberg

“Cosetta invited me to open to my own inner divine, to let go of form and trust, without expectation.  Supported by Mother Nature and a beautiful group of women, this invitation allowed me to drop walls and tap into my authentic voice.” ~ Meg Haggerty, Energy Healer, HTCP, Reiki

"I just returned from the Yoga Retreat with Cosetta Romani and 10 other women and feel happier and more fulfilled than I can ever remember in my long life. (And I have a very full & rich life!) The combination of Cosetta's creative, playful, unique, soul-nourishing, non-agenda-ed, 3-day yoga and spirit-filled retreat was beyond wonderful. Combine that with the fabulous food and beautiful surroundings at the Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island and you will leave feeling like a different person. The women were from all over the country and all came with rich stories & unique, yet like-minded personalities and lots of laughter and playfulness. What an experience!!! I am so very grateful.  Thank you Cosetta!" ~ Sally Swenson

"If I could describe Cosetta's retreat briefly, I would say that she gives you the tools for DEEP LISTENING. Through the practice of sacred rituals, energetic clearing, yoga practice, healthy eating, writing, singing and dancing, Cosetta helped me reach a place of comfortable silence so that I could finally hear my soul and inner guides speak. She teaches about trusting yourself and your intuition. Cosetta's teachings are all about self-empowerment. I also appreciate that she makes you WORK for everything you gain from her retreat. This is not a passive, relaxing retreat. This is work and for all the rewards, it is absolutely worth it!" ~ J. Dunning  


Cosetta and Ivo's first collaboratively led retreat, part of the series The Play of Shive & Shakti: Yoga and Shamanic Journeys Off the Beaten Path, occurred over New Year's, 2017. 

The group of travelers met in San Jose and shuttled to Macaw Lodge, an garden oasis in the western mountains inland from Jaco. There the retreat got underway with yoga, meditation, delicious meals, cermonial sharing circles and many other invigorating, soul-searching practices. 

Macaw Lodge provided an intimate container for the collective work during the first phase of the retreat, but Cosetta and Ivo had a second destination in store, the Tiskita Jungle Lodge, a true pioneer and jewel of sustainable tourism and land preservation. This incredible lodge is high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The group was able to continue their good work together in this jungle and beach sanctuary, enjoying the many fantastic sights and activities.

Costa Rica was a truly wonderful experience for each of the travelers, and Cosetta and Ivo felt nourished by their engagment with the Costa Rican managers of the two lodges, and their group of seekers.


"Dearest Cosetta and Ivo, Costa Rica 2017 kick off new year event was epic. You brought us Shiva & Shakti play and discipline and so much more I can't list it all. I truly enjoyed all the people you brought together. Your immersion really provided me a platform from which to see a different path forward, to realign my priorities, to renew a commitment to be my best self. Thank you with all my heart." ~Linda M.

"Since I have been working with you both, my life has transformed immensely. It is with gratitude, honor and humbleness that I can stand, truly stand, in myself and with myself, aware of the beauty, love, support and connection. Claro de Luz" will always be one of my mantra. Showing up in this world with an open, yet protected raw heart is my work. It is such a gift and honor to continue to journey and travel with you around the world. Infinite gratitude!" ~Jen O.

"Dearest Cosetta and Ivo, Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the opportunity for this amazing group of beautiful souls to come together.  This Shiva Shakti Retreat was most certainly a highlight of my blessed life.  Within the sacred space you held and the sacred space nature offered, I explored my Self, my past and my potential in profound ways. I’m entering this year of 2017 with a full and raw heart, with courage and clarity of my next steps and trust of my inner wisdom. I am blossoming as a beautiful hibiscus does, bathing in the light from my heart." ~Dana S.

Over the Summer Solstice 2017, 2016 and 2015, Cosetta has traveled to Italy with retreat groups. They immersed themselves in yoga, meditation and shamanic practices daily. Cosetta selected off-the-beaten-path heritage and nature sites to visit, giving her guests a taste of Italy's high-vibration history. 

2017: PUGLIA

Italy17-Reflections-6.jpg"Cosetta's retreat to Puglia was absolutely magical. She created an environment of healing, solemnity, and joyful creativity that fostered my own spiritual growth and development in ways I couldn't have anticipated. She arranged the schedule with conscious deliberation that speaks to her depth as a healer and vast experience as a teacher; and she managed unexpected challenges with aplomb and grace. Her selection of venue was inspired; we were treated with the utmost hospitality and respect, served an abundance and variety of food prepared with love and care for our well-being and enjoyment, and accommodated in extraordinary unanticipated circumstances of international travel. I will recommend Cosetta's work to all of my friends who are interested in self-development, and I will certainly follow her lead again."  
~TJ Murphy 

"I feel so fortunate to be part of, and to receive the fruits of, your incredible work and commitment to making each retreat the fullest experience possible. I’m spoiled, ruined!, for any other retreats as they wouldn’t be a “Cosetta Retreat”!!!! I cherish the surprise learning and growing we experienced as a group and individually. You have a unique ability to encourage and support the whole group to challenge ourselves both on the mat and as humans. You are brave both in your physical practice and in how you approach the world and your students and friends. Your bravery inspires me so viscerally to challenge myself to grow, accomplish things and be the person I aspire to. At this retreat, it was particularly special to see that work for such a cohesive group—the level of support, honesty and commitment to the retreat was such a surprise and created a true lasting ‘village’ amongst us." 

~Duana Kolouskova 




"A fabulous group experience, moderated with aplomb by the always-flexible Cosetta Romani. Our trip featured a great balance of personalities, physicality, quiet reflection and gustatory delights. Perhaps a once in a lifetime experience, although I hope not." 

~Jason W. 



"This retreat was one of the most amazing that I have experienced. The location was beautiful, the logistics kept us moving, our fellow yogis were all in for the activities that were planned, and we still had plenty of down time to process the work of the retreat. Cosetta supported us to be our most authentic selves, and had the courage to hold us all to that. The land we were on had a special energetic buzz, and Cosetta created and held a truly sacred and safe space for us to dive in deeply. I am humbled and grateful for this time, and will continue to feel the effects of this special week for a long time to come. Grazie!"

~Julie B.

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"Beautiful white sand, warm water, the crash of the ocean waves… Tulum is the perfect setting for Cosetta’s wonderful retreat. She provides quality teachings in yoga and shamanism to relax your body and open your heart. Expect beautifully prepared food, lovely new friends, and a few interesting excursions!"~ V. L.

"When attending a retreat with Cosetta, release all expectations and surrender. All the usual daily questions of the real world are answered so you can truly “show up” and just be you. The allowance to “just be” opens a different part of the brain where relaxation, processing, and healing are accessible. Eat great food, move your body, be with wonderful people and see amazing places!! Thanks Cosetta."~ D.H. 

"What could be more exquisite than feeling white sand between your toes, showering under the stars, being guided in nourishing yoga and invited into profound ceremony in the open air palapa, dining on exquisite food garnished with Mayan super foods, sleeping to the rhythm of the waves, and Phoenix the resident peacock proudly parading the property? Cosetta’s intuitive gifts allow her to create retreats filled with unexpected magic and transformation. This experience, and the Italy retreat in June with Cosetta, are among my top favorite retreats/vacations EVER!" ~ Meg Haggerty