Greetings Friends

The Play of Shiva & Shakti – Yoga & Shamanic Journeys Off the Beaten Path is a unique retreat series weaving together yoga, meditation, shamanic work, movement, nature and community. We have designed these retreats to re-energize the body, realign your psycho-energetic system and bring about sustainable lifestyle changes.

This series grows out of our combined 32 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training, study and teaching, and represents the alchemy of our lives thus far as a married couple, lovers and individuals.

It is our intention to share the experiences we have made and the tools we have learned with people willing to work on their own awakening and blaze their own trail.

Spending a week or more in community, off the beaten path, is the perfect container for transformative spiritual work. We have chosen amazingly powerful settings in Costa Rica and Italy that provide unspoiled natural beauty, environmental sustainability and the authenticity of being owned by locals.

We have crafted these international retreats to allow for a deep immersion. We will focus on grounding the spiritual work allowed by shamanic and tantric practices. Daily yoga practice, chakra-based work, breath-work, meditations, dancing, singing, group and individual processing sessions, divination rituals, excursions and group activities are all integral parts of the program. 

The name and contents for this series is born from our intimate realization that the material plane is an expression of the divine play of Shiva and Shakti, Consciousness and Power. When we experience union with our inner source we eventually realize that the material is not in conflict with the spiritual, but central to its fulfillment. The quality of our own manifestation in the world, expressed through creativity and relationships, reveals that interconnectivity. For once we get a deep enough glimpse of our true nature, we can dedicate ourselves to its full recovery. We can stop living in the madness of greed, aggression and self-delusion. We can begin walking a path of authenticity, integrity and self-mastery beyond our own shadows. We can bring our own light to the world with equanimity and non-manipulation.
This recognition is what we wish to inspire in others.
We also know that the work is always “work in progress.” We need strength, stamina, clarity, space, vision, heart, guts, dedication, commitment and humbleness to walk on this path, and we develop these traits by walking it. We fall, learn, rise back, find support in community and start again from a higher baseline. These are the muscles we want to train during these retreats.
We make this offering from a genuine place of non-attachment, love, humility and centeredness.

Because of the specific nature of the shamanic work which is part of the Costa Rica journey, please contact us to determine eligibility for this retreat.
In integrity, love and strength,
Cosetta & Ivo & 

More information coming soon about
Costa Rica, January, 2018 

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We are very pleased to announce our first audio CD, recorded live at the 2016 Northwest Yoga Feast. A spontanenous co-creation weaving mediation, yoga asana and discussion which is available for purchase through cdBaby and iTunes